What to be careful with when driving in winter

Snow cannot be avoided when driving in winter. "Drivers have to drive a car at increased risk in snow compared with normal situations. Grasp characteristics and dangerous points of snowy roads and try to drive safe in order to avoid danger.

Preparation and Planning

Studless tires

In general, in winter, rental cars are equipped with studless snow tires, but it is better to confirm when making a reservation just in case.
※Reservations are required in advance for studless tires.

Make a flexible driving plan

Enjoy driving based on a flexible plan. It is necessary to drive slower on a snowy road. In addition, depending on snow conditions, it takes more time to drive in many cases. For instance, roads may be closed to traffic, and cars may be directed to take a detour.

Collect information from weather forecasts.

Collect information on snow conditions at your destination for a few days. It is possible to check traffic conditions in the day via live cameras installed in rest areas.

Places and times when road surfaces are likely to freeze

Temperatures are likely to fall on bridges, overpasses and tunnel entrances, making these dangerous places prone to freezing. Intersections where many cars stop and pull out repeatedly are also dangerous because snow at such places becomes compacted and polished, resulting in icy road surfaces, making these places especially hazardous. In addition, road surfaces that are wet during the day may freeze in the morning or at night when the temperature drops, making these dangerous times to drive. Special care is required at night when it may be difficult to see whether or not roads are icy.


Before getting on a car

Normally, drivers get in a car without thinking, but be careful in snowy regions. Before driving, wipe the snow off shoes. If driving with the shoes covered in snow, you feel different when stepping on the accelerator and the brake, or you may step off a pedal, which can cause unexpected danger. In addition, get in a car after wiping the snow on the roof, the windshield, the rear windshield, windows and mirrors of the car.

Refrain from sudden operations

Even if understanding snow roads are slippery, people tend to drive as usual. Sudden starting, acceleration, steering and stopping should be avoided. Sudden starting, acceleration, steering and stopping may upset the vehicle balance. Except in an emergency, try to drive without these operations.

When arriving at the destination

When you arrive at your destination, stand up the wiper blades in case of snow. If you forget to stand up them, it will be hard to wipe the snow off the windshield, and moreover, the wiper rubber may be frozen to the windshield, becoming hard to remove. Go out earlier the next morning, to clear snow.

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