About parking in Japan

Do not park illegally.

It is illegal to park on roads and leave the car unattended, even for only a few minutes, for example to have a quick meal or unload baggage. Since illegal parking may cause accidents or traffic jams, always be sure to park in designated parking areas even if leaving the car only briefly.

If an illegal parking notice is affixed to an unattended rental car during the period of rental

1. An illegal parking notice is affixed to the car.

An illustrative illegal parking notice affixed to an unattended car means that the car is in violation of parking rules.

2. Going to the police station

The driver must go to the police station shown on the illegal parking notice.

3. Payment of fines

The driver must complete formalities and pay a fine.

4. When returning the car, the driver must present receipts and other documentation.

When returning the car, the driver must present documents received from the police station and the receipt for payment of the fine.
*Failure of the driver to complete procedures for parking violations will result in the rental company having to pay separately set illegal parking fines.

Easy to misunderstand parking areas, parking manners, etc.

Cars may not be parked in parking areas marked [月極] (Monthly parking)

[月極] (Monthly parking) signs may be seen in places such as large parking areas or coin parking spaces.This means that parking spaces are leased by the month and drivers other than the lessee may not park there. Drivers must be especially careful since parking in such spaces in error may result in problems such as being billed for a costly fine.

Always park in the right vehicle-type specific space.

Parking areas in places such as service areas on expressways and shopping malls and facilities are divided into spaces for vehicles such as compact vehicles, large vehicles, vehicles for the disabled and 2-wheeled vehicles. Since ignoring these divisions when parking may cause others great inconvenience, drivers should always check the parking space types before parking.

Types of Coin Parking Areas

Locking plate-type coin parking

・Charges are paid before leaving the parking space.
・Remember that displayed charges differ and may be … yen for … minutes, or a maximum of … yen per day.

Parking meters and parking tickets

・Parking charges are paid in advance.
・Cars may be parked up to 60 minutes within the timeframe displayed on road signs or information boards.
・Remember that a parking ticket will be issued for cars parked more than 60 minutes.
・Parking tickets are affixed in a place where they can easily be seen such as the front window.