Renting and Returning Rental Cars

Points to remember when Renting a Car(You must be 18 years old or older to rent a car.)

❶Before Leasing a Rental Car

International Driving Permit
Persons who wish to drive in Japan but are residents of another country and do not have a Japanese driver's license must have a passport and "International Driving Permit" that complies with the Geneva Convention. If you do not have your passport and International Driving Permit with you, a rental car cannot be leased to you, even if you have a reservation.
* "Convention on International Road Traffic of 1949" will be displayed on International Driving Permits issued by Geneva Convention member countries.* An International Driving Permit will be valid for one year from the date of issue. An expired permit cannot be used.* International licenses issued by the International Automobile Association (IAA)is not valid in Japan.* International driving permits of the 1968 Vienna Convention cannot be used in Japan.* Vehicles that can be driven vary depending on whether the stamp is A, B, C, D, or E.* Persons who have a driver's license from Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Estonia, Monaco, or Taiwan must have their license and a Japanese translation of it. The Japanese translation must be issued by the aforementioned country's or region's embassy or consulate in Japan, or by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF).

Please check the JAF website for details

❷Applications may be made by Internet or at a rental company

Although application for a car rental may be made at a rental company, the model of your choice may not be available. To be on the safe side, it recommended that reserveration be made ahead of time on the Internet.

❸Please reserve your options beforehand.

Reservations are required in advance for ETC cards, studless tires, child seats, car navigation systems, and drop-offs. (Charged)

❹Going to a rental company on the day

When going to the rental company on the day the car is required, be sure to take your driver's license and passport with you.

Points to remember when returning the car

❶Please be sure to fill the car up with fuel before returning (about fuel type)

There are three types of fuel: regular, high octane, and diesel (light/gas oil). When renting a vehicle, confirm the type of fuel that is used for that vehicle. If you fill it with the wrong fuel, you may damage the vehicle. Repairs will then have to be made by the rental company. The cost of such repairs will be borne by you, the customer.*If you are unsure of which type of gasoline to use, check with the rental company or gasoline stand before filling the tank.

Fuels are distinguished by color according to type at the gas station.

・Regular: Red

・High Oct: Yellow

・Light oil (diesel): green

❷About rental companies to which cars may be returned (about rental car drop off)

Although it is normal to return a rental car to the company where it was leased, cars may also be returned to places other the original rental company. This is called "rental car drop off).Rental car drop off is as a service that allows customers to return rental the car to other offices of the same rental company from which the car was leased. In such cases, usually a "rental car drop off charge" will apply. *Advance reservations are required for drop-off

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