Recommend Drive Course

Start at Sendai Airport, end at Sendai Airport

2-night 3-day Course taking in the Pacific Coast and Iwate Inland

Departure from Sendai AirportRenting cars

Approximately 40 minutes


MapCode:110 443 066*40

The typical picturesque Japanese scenery of approximately 260 small islands can be viewed from spots at high elevations as well as sightseeing boats, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful sights that change with the sunrise and sunset.

Matsushima, Matsushima-machi, Miyagi Prefecture

Approximately 40 minutes

Ishinomori Manga Museum

MapCode:105 052 201*58

The museum commemorates world-renowned Shotaro Ishinomori, creator of famous works such as "Cyborg 009" and "Kamen Rider."

2-7 Nakaze, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi Prefecture

Approximately 5 minutes

Ishinomaki City Recovery and Urban Development Information Exchange Center

MapCode:105 052 316*86

Here, visitors can find our about events on the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a natural disaster on a scale said to occur only once every one thousand years, and future undertakings. Courteous staff are on hand to guide visitors and explanatory boards are on display to help visitors further their understanding of the disaster.

2-8-11 Chuo, Ishinomaki-shi

Approximately 55 minutes

Minamisanriku Sun Sun Shopping Village

MapCode:399 039 006*04

Here, visitors can buy souvenirs and enjoy food typical of Minami Sanriku and see permanent exhibits of the Great East Earthquake intended to hand down memories of the day of the disaster to future generations.

201-5 Shizugawa Itsuka-machi, Motoyoshigun Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi Prefecture

Approximately 5 minutes

Stayover at Minamisanriku Hotel and Hot Spring Resort

MapCode:897 249 609*54

Visitors can look out at the spectacular panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from the expansive hot spring bathing area and enjoy a dinner of fresh fish and shell caught in Minami Sanriku.

99-17 Shizugawa Kurosaki, Motoyoshigun Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi Prefecture

Approximately 45 minutes

Kesennuma Fish Market

MapCode:193 249 205*00

Here, visitors can enjoy gourmet spots where fresh fish and shell caught in Kesennuma are served and shopping for souvenirs such as condensed soup made from shark fin, a Kesennuma specialty. The photograph shows Pacific saury in a fishing net at the Kisennuma Fish Market.

2-13 Minato-machi, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi Prefecture

Approximately 30 minutes

The miraculous pine tree at Rikuzen Takata

MapCode:193 615 497*83

A replica of "the miraculous pine tree" that remarkably remained standing amidst the devastation of some 70,000 pine trees by the tsunami of 2011 stands as a symbol of the recovery of Rikuzen Takada.

176-6 Sunamori Aza, Kesennuma-cho, Rikuzen Takata-shi

Approximately 55 minutes

Uogashi Terrace

MapCode:259 077 516*01

Here, visitors can enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant that serves fresh local seafood specialties of Kamaishi as they look out over the scenery of Kamishi Bay.

3-3 Uogashi, Kamaishi-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Approximately 50 minutes

Tono Denshoen Park

MapCode:810 068 472*08

Visitors can experience traditional events and enjoy activities such as making folk craft in the park where the lifestyles and culture of the people living in the Tono area in olden times have been recreated to give a feel of the nostalgic scenery of Japan in bygone days.

6-5-1 Tsuchibuchi, Tsuchibuchi-cho, Tono-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Approximately 5 minutes on foot

Kappabuchi Pool

The stream running behind Jokenji Temple, about 5 minutes on foot from Tono Denshoen Park, is said to have been the habitat the Kappa (a mythical Japanese creature). Here, visitors can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere as the clear waters of the stream gently flow in the midst of the peaceful surrounds.

Tsuchibuchi, Tsuchibuchi-cho, Tono-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Approximately 1 hour

Stayover at Hanamaki Hot Spring Village

MapCode:626 113 858*20

As well as four Japanese-style and regular hotels, a rose garden, café and other facilities can be found on the expansive grounds rich in natural beauty. The sundial flower bed in the rose garden was deigned by world-renowned author Kenji Miyazawa.

1-125 Yumoto, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Approximately 45 minutes

World Heritage, Hiraizumi

MapCode:142 253 099*10

The is the ideal village of the nobility built more than 900 years ago with prayers for "equality for all who lived there." Registered as a World Heritage Site in 2011, while based on Buddhism, the temples, shrines and gardens there developed independently and have been preserved in good condition. The photograph shows Motsuji Temple.

Hiraizumi, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiiwai-gun, Iwate Prefecture

Approximately 30 minutes

Geibi Gorge

MapCode:308 241 332*53

A boat trip through on the pristine waters of the gorge where visitors can see massive towering rock cliffs at close quarters and enjoy the colorful seasonal trees is a truly memorable experience. The boatman acts as guide and also sings songs for the visitors.

467 Nagasaka Aza-machi, Higashiyama-cho, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Approximately 1 hour

Chojabaru Service Area

MapCode:141 490 137*02

Here, visitors can take a break before the long tiring trip back. Visitors can also purchase local specialties and souvenirs at places such as service areas on the expressway.

24-61 Chojabaru-aza, Kawakuma, Aza Furukawa, Osaki-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Approximately 1 hour

MapCode:21 200 373*62

Sendai AirportRental car return

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