Recommend Drive Course

Start at Fukuoka Airport, end at Fukuoka Airport

2-nigh 3-day Course taking in Gourmet and Autumn Color Spots in Fukuoka, Saga and Nagasaki

Departure from Fukuoka AirportRenting cars

Approximately 1 hour

Karatsu Castle

MapCode:182 402 737*30

Symbolic of Karatsu City with pine groves stretching out to the left and right, the castle resembles the shape of a crane with its wings extended, giving rise to the name "Dancing Crane Castle." The site is a well-known for its cherry blossoms and wisteria.

8-1 Higashi Jonai, Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture

Approximately 30 minutes

Yobuko squid

MapCode:182 722 076*80

"Live Squid," a specialty of Karatsu City, is recommended for lunch. Fresh squid taken out of corves are quickly prepared so that visitors can enjoy the transparency and sweet taste unique to squid in harbor towns.

4185-15 Yobuko, Yobuko-cho, Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture (Yobuko Tourist Information Center)

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Sasebo burger

MapCode:307 582 220*87

It is said that he Sasebo Burger became popular after the war when members of the American occupation forces taught local people the recipe. Although the burger has no fixed style, it has become a local gourmet specialty of Nagasaki.

21-1 Miura-cho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture (Sasebo Tourist Information Center)

Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

Glover Garden

MapCode:443 824 674*62

On the hillock that give an unbroken view of the scenery of Nagasaki Harbor, visitors can look around the old Glover residence, a registered World Heritage Site, and other residential areas where foreigners in Nagasaki lived. *The former Glover Residence, a World Heritage Site (government-designated Important Cultural Property), is scheduled to undergo repair work until March 2021. A special observation deck is available.

8-1 Minami Yamate-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture

Approximately 15 minutes

Nagasaki City

MapCode:443 824 889*81

Visitors with time to spare can check in to the hotel where they are staying and then enjoy dinner or a stroll in Nagasaki City. Nagasaki Champon, noodles in a soup with pork, seafood and vegetables and Sara Udon, buckwheat noodles topped with vegitables, pork and seafood served on a plate are recommended Nagasaki specialties.

4-5Matsugae-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture (Shikairo Chinese Restaurant)

Approximately 10 minutes

Mount Inasa Summit Observation Deck

MapCode:262 026 655*60

Well known for its scenery, Nagasaki was chosen as one of "The Three Major Night Views of the World" in 2012 alongside Hong Kong and Monaco. This is a popular night view spot with a view at night from Mount Inasa known as a "10 Million Dollar Night view."

Inasa-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture

Approximately 10 minutes

Stayover in Nagasaki City

MapCode:443 884 835*27

After enjoying the night view, visitors may return to their hotels to relax, or set out to enjoy the nightlife of Nagasaki City.

1-89 Onoue-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture (Nagasaki Station)

Approximately 10 minutes

Megane Bridge

MapCode:44 270 236*37

One of Nagasaki's symbolic sightseeing spots, Megane Bridge is Japan's oldest arch-shaped stone bridges. The spot has become popular in recent years as a power spot for those praying for love.

Between Uonomachi, Sakae-machi and Suwa-machi and Furukawa-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture

Approximately 20 minutes

Nagasaki Peace Park

MapCode:262 088 687*24

Nagasaki Peace Park is located on a small high hill on the north side of the Nagasaki Hypocenter Park. With its Statue of Peace, the park embodies the prayers of the people of Nagasaki that cruel wars must not be repeated.

In the Peace Park, Matsuyama-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Mifuneyama Paradise

MapCode:104 347 415*27

Covering 500,000 square meters, brilliant autumn colors such as red, orange and yellow can be seen in all their splendor in the gardens in the expansive grounds. The magnificent with Mount Mifune in the background is breathtaking.

4100 Takeo-cho, Takeo-shi, Saga Prefecture
Best time for viewing in an average year: Mid- to late November

Approximately 45 minutes

Yoshinogari Historical Park

MapCode:37 541 461*35

The ruins of a village from the Yayoi period (5th to 3rd Century BC) can be seen at the Yoshinogari archeological site in the Yoshinogari Historical Park, the largest site of its kind in Japan surrounded by a 2.5 kilometer moat, where visitors can learn about the origins of Japanese culture rooted in the culture of such settlements.

1843 Tade, Yoshinogari-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Saga Prefecture

Approximately 10 minutes

Autumn colors at Kunenan Garden

MapCode:87 688 478*36

Open to the public for only nine days a year during the autumn colors season, Kunenan, the residence of Saga entrepreneur Yataro Itami, is a designated National Scenic Beauty Spot known for its wonderful autumn colors.

1696 Kuwa, Kanzaki-machi, Kanzaki-shi, Saga Prefecture
Best time for viewing in an average year: Open to the public for only nine days from mid-November

Approximately 1 hour

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

MapCode:55 364 102*17

Among the Tenmangu Shrines in Japan, this shrine enshrines several deities and is well known as the place where famous nobleman and politician of the Heian Era (794 - 1185)[Sugawara Michzane] is enshrined. Known as the deity of scholarship, visitors to the shrine include students preparing for examinations.

4-7-1 Saifu, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture

Approximately 40 minutes

Stayover in the Hakata Station area

MapCode:13 320 353*52

Largest station in the Kyushu region. Visitors are recommended to check in before going out to enjoy the nightlife of Hakata.

1-1 Hakata-eki Chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture (Hakata Station)

Approximately 15 minutes

Food stalls at Nakasu

Nightlife in Hakata brings to mind the food stalls at Nakasu. The stalls, each with its own unique atmosphere and menu offer items such as Yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers), Oden (vegetables, fish dumplings and various other articles of food stewed in a thin soy soup) and Gyoza (crescent-shaped pan-fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork and vegetables) and visitors are recommended to try a number of stalls.

Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture

Approximately 15 minutes

Ohori Park

MapCode:13 315 339*87

A rest spot in Fukuoka City, this is a water park modeled on Xi Hu (West Lake) in China. With a circumference of 2 kilometers, the park is ideal for morning walks and jogging.

1-2 Ohori Koen, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi

Approximately 10 minutes

Tenjin underground shopping center

MapCode:13 318 514*53

A large European-style underground shopping center with shops of all kinds of genres that also leads to the Tenjin Subway station, this is a perfect place for shopping, eating, drinking and souvenir hunting.

Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi

Approximately 15 minutes

MapCode:13 323 416*07

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